RIO Sepia shell size M

2.000 KD 1.300 KD
Sepia shell is an essential supplement for all types of pet birds: it contains calcium and other mineral substances, which aid in strengthening the birds’ beak, bones and plumage, as well as in increasing the eggshells’ density. It's important to offer sepia shell to birds during egg-laying, fledging and moulting. Sepia shell helps the birds to groom and polish their beaks in a gentle way due to its mildly abrasive texture. In addition, sepia shell nipping stimulates natural behaviour and fills the birds’ life with joy and playtime.
Use sepia shell as an additional source of calcium and other minerals.
Place the sepia sell on the bottom of the birdcage or fix it with a removable holder that comes free with the RIO Sticks. 

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