Our dog training services offer numerous benefits for both dogs and their owners which includes basic and advanced training. Our team of professional trainers have the experience and expertise to effectively train and communicate with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. 

Basic obedience training program is designed to teach dogs basic commands such as sit, stay, come, heel and more. This ensures that dogs are well-behaved and obedient in various situations, making them a pleasure to be around and easier to manage. This also includes addressing any behavioral issues, such as barking, digging, or aggression, and working to correct them in a positive and safe manner. It is designed to not only teach basic obedience and behavior but also to strengthen the bond between the owner and dog.

Samy Irani

Say hello to the dog trainer who knows how to bring out the best in every pup. With 18 years of experience and 10 dogs of his own, Samy has the knowledge and skills to train any dog, big or small. As a proud member of the Zue family for 4 months now, he's been making a big impression with his fun and friendly training style. Not only does he train your dog, but he also teaches you how to train them, making sure you're both on the same page