RIO Eggfood for parakeets and parrots 18kg

148.000 KD 96.200 KD
Multi-coloured extruded bits of food are ovenbaked using a special technology to make them that crunchy texture that parakeets and parrots love so much.
The special ingredients such as chilli, spirulina and turmeric root are natural colouring agents and give the food bits their enticing and vibrant colour, while at the same time they make the food especially healthy and good for parakeets and parrots. Some crunchy delights for your feathered friend.
Offer RIO eggfood as a complementary food for parakeets and parrots.
Feeding norm: 1-2 tablespoons depending on the bird size, 2-3 times a week.
Use a separate food feeder for eggfood.
It is recommended to remove the uneaten eggfood from the bird cage every day.
Pre-germinated seeds as well as mixtures of fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs can be added additionally to pet bird’s diet for its diversity and enrichment.
Ensure that birds have a permanent access to eggfood during the breeding period.

Pickup available at Al Rai, Block 1, Street 29, Building 399

Usually ready in 24 hours

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