Groom Professional Original Cologne 200ml

7.500 KD

This was Groom Professionals first-ever pet cologne and is still in the range after all these years. Suitable for both male and female dogs to freshen them between and after washes, masking any nasty smells while the chamomile helps to soothe their skin. This Fragrance is a very fresh clean, slightly sweet smell, making it a great unisex cologne.

  • Still a favourite after all this time
  • Very rich, a recognizable scent that lasts for days
  • Contains chamomile to soothe the skin

To Use: Simply spray once or twice on to the coat (not near the face) or spray on to a brush and glide this through the coat to apply and leave the dog smelling lovely for days.

Helpful Tip: This spray can also be kept in the house, salon or car to freshen up rooms and add a pleasant smell that lasts

Pickup available at Al Rai, Block 1, Street 29, Building 399

Usually ready in 24 hours

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