Dry Box™ 20

18.000 KD

Multi-purpose hermetic pet food container

Airtight moulded lid (DB 3 model) keeps food and treats fresh and dry

Form fitted foam seal in the lid compartment (DB 7.5 I DB 15 I DB 20 models) keeps food fresh and dry

Ergonomically shaped carrying handle (DB 3 model)

Recessed carrying grips (DB 7.5 I DB 15 I DB 20 models)

Built-in food scoop, with storage facility underneath the lid (DB 7.5 I DB 15 I DB 20 models)

Locking front latch keeps pests and bugs out

Hinged lid opens wide for easier access when scooping out food

Durable, impact resistant materials

Pickup available at Al Rai, Block 1, Street 29, Building 399

Usually ready in 24 hours

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